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Welcome to UK 40+ Mums!!!

Welcome! I've started this community because I'm a member and fan of both the uk_pregnancy  and oldermoms</lj>  communities and thought it would be good to create one that combined the two - a Brit-based community for older mums. So here it is!

(Also, I don't think 35 is "older" any more to be having your first child. In my NCT birth group five years ago at least most of the mums-to-be were in their mid-thirties or older (I was 37). Now aged 43, I'm having our second baby and I feel a hell of a lot older (and sorer!).)

So - somewhere to talk about our aches and pains, paranoia, triumphs, tribulations, whatever - let's talk amongst ourselves. At the moment it's open membership and open posting but if it's abused this may have to change. Let's make this work.

**Please remember to post an intro when you join!!!**
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